Sunday, July 12, 2015

We are everywhere man....

Hello faithful blog readers,

We haven't updated the blog in like 4 years but I wanted to give an update in case you were curious. All of our road trippers are scattered like the wind across the world.

Paul and Kate are... still... traveling. They are in Argentina and loving it. Before that they lived in DC and Portland. So great to see them still exploring the world. Here is their new blog:

Tommy is doing his thing. Him and Wilson who we linked up with on the trip started their own alcoholic beverage company. Their signature brew Snakebite (half beer half cider for the n00bs) is a huge success in SF and they are spreading across the nation. I have to say, its delicious and refreshing as hell. Learn more here:

Swells aka Sarah aka the one who left us but we still love her has been in the Middle East loving life last I heard. She was also in San Fransisco. She was in Jordan? I don't even know. I saw her a few years back when she was a baker in Portland and living in a closet. Basically I think she's doing fine. Paul said she is doing a farming apprenticeship in Southern Oregon. That sounds cool. I'm gonna call her actually after I write this. If you want to friend her on Facebook this is the link to her profile.

You also might remember Annie Graeter? She joined us for an epic stint. Annie is also doing well. Just so all of our readers know, after the trip Annie sent us all personalized backpacking spice packs. Because she is nicest person ever and everyone should try to be friends with her. She is now still working in the wilderness. She did NOLS for a while and now works for a national park as a ranger I think. So cool!

And then there's me, Ben. Its been a hell of a ride since the road trip for me. Continued to live in a tent for a stretch near the White House for a few months. Then started organizing fast food workers all over the country for the Fight for $15. If you don't know, ask somebody. You can usually find me in New Orleans.

Beautiful Road Trip photo by Swells from a Jam Sesh in Maine.

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